Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sophisticated Boom Boom review.....


Sophisticated Boom Boom (in b&w)


Until 15/5

This group exhibition, as Ailbhe Ní Bhriain's filmic dissolution of place, context and matter in the stairwell suggests, is as inkily elusive in concept as in form. In the most simple sense, perhaps, it describes a sensory breach of expectation. Grey, the mid-ground or the norm, becomes a transmutable substance pulled between the polar ends of the tonal spectrum; tuned in and out of pictorial focus by the presence of colour (the key placement in the upstairs galleries of Lizi Sanchez's Koonsian evocation of sculpture, a box-frame done up like a dog's dinner on a plinth and Lothar Götz's ode to abstract-painterly and retro-domestic spaces on canvas). The “boom, boom” of the fabulous Shangri-Las song at its core varies in potency, work-to-work: from the thud of an assumption hitting the decks (when you realise that the toolbox debris in the stationary compartments of a desk draw have been hand-carved by Mhairi Vari out of granite) to the distant foghorn call of a memory just before it arrives in the mind (such as Jeffrey T Y Lee's white-wax and black-ink deptictions of Borneo and Sharon Kivland's re-framed images of locomotive smoke), and the shoeshuffle into the surreal (as Stephen Dunne's watercolour man in mono prepares to hammer-whack the space where his head should be).

In Case We Don't Die - Berlin, May 29th-June 11th


Stephen Dunne // Andreas Emenius // Bibi Katholm // Shane Bradford // Ida Kvetny // Jacob Kirkegaard // Ralph Dorey // Iben Toft Nørgård // Alex Hudson // John Strutton // Wonderland

CURATED BY: Bibi Katholm

LOCATION: Chausseestraße 105, 10115 Berlin Mitte. 

GRAND OPENING: Saturday 29th May from 17.00 - 22.00

OPENING HOURS: Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 17.00 or by appointment.

29th May - 12th June 2010
studio wall drawings by Stephen Dunne.


DSC_0049.JPG by Stephen Dunne.

For the opening of the new studio in London’s Rivington Street, Veja have invited artists Salvatore Fiorello, Stephen Dunne and Jamie Partridge to baptize its new walls with a preview of their up-coming Snippet exhibition.

To mark the event, a party will be held on May 20th with cocktails provided by Finlandia Vodka.

Come by for a Thursday evening drink and check out the preview and the new Veja studio.

Thursday, 20th May 2010 from 6.00 pm
Veja – 9 Chapel Place, Rivington Street
London EC2A 3DQ

We look forward to seeing you there


Sophisticated Boom Boom@Domobaal London

DSC_0595 Resized.jpg by Stephen Dunne.
Domo Baal is delighted to present 'Sophisticated Boom Boom (in b&w)' an exhibition by Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Peter Linde Busk, Stephen Dunne, Lothar Götz, Heide Hinrichs, Steve Johnson, Sharon Kivland, Ansel Krut, Jeffrey TY Lee, Siân Pile, Felicity Powell, Mark Prince, Lizi Sanchez, Shaan Syed and Mhairi Vari.

"Stephen Dunne doesn't believe in black magic or voodoo dolls, he can't cast spells, and he certainly can't break them. But I'm not going to start explaining the twist in my gut or the tickle I've had in my throat for the past few weeks. And I don't want to talk about the little locks trimmed from my hair while I sleep. I just don't want to talk about it."
Ansel Krut 'Man Ironing his Cock' ink on paper (38 x 29 cm/15" x 11.4") 2004; Heide Hinrichs 'Miandra, Alyse, David, Jeff, Nolan, and Blake: America is bigger than the summer of your individual ambitions' soccer balls, thread, dimensions variable, 2009; Stephen Dunne 'The Tube' watercolour on paper (36 x 26 cm/14" x 10") 2010; photo by Andy Keate

Happiness Machines

The group exhibition 'Happiness Machines' takes its name from an episode of the BBC TV series 'The Century of the Self' made by Adam Curtis; 'this series is about how those in power have used Freud's theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy'. Curtis plots the lesser-known story of the growth of the mass-consumer society in Europe and the United States that links individual freedom with consumerism. It tells how the all-consuming self was created, by whom and in whose interests.

Happiness Machines profiles Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays whose legacies and ideas still shape the way we live our lives today. Bernays utilized his uncle’s theories to manipulate the general public. Freud claimed to have discovered instinctive yet dangerous primitive sexual and aggressive forces hidden inside the minds of all human beings. Bernays believed that the masses could be controlled and satiated with consumer products and an aspiration lifestyle.


a group exhibition

opening: Friday, 26th March 2010 from 19.00 - 22.00h at RISE Berlin

featuring work by:

Alexander Heaton, Christina Mitrentse, Christophe Chemin, Eileen Cooper, Eddie Nuttall, Guillaume Airiaud & Philippe Comtesse, Hector De Gregorio, João Leonardo, Jonas Ranson, Jan Kiefer, Jon John, Jenus Kahmke, Laurel Johannesson, Lee Wagstaff, Liz Neal, Master Patrick, Matthew Brindle, Richard Sawdon Smith, Stephen Dunne, Tomi Paasonen, Vanda Playford, Xavier Stentz

opening times: Friday to Sunday 13.00 - 19.00 or by appointment

exhibition runs until 25th April 2010

Birdbrain by Stephen Dunne.26518_415019001202_553306202_5629702_2592117_n by Stephen Dunne.