Thursday, 3 December 2009

GSK Contemporary at the Royal Academy

Mark Titchner will be 'in residence', with daily dispatches, music and hanging around. Channelling systems of belief, governance, and radical possibility into cosmic billboards and relics at once empowering and dystopian, the words and images of social and political movements, from union worker slogans to song lyrics, fuse to form new and alternate ideologies. His week-long residency culminates in an acid test night featuring the band Evel Gazebo who will pay tribute to Hawkwind's seminal live album Space Ritual.
As part of his residency, Mark Titchner presents a selection of artists’ video works with:
James Balmforth The Consumptive Sublime, 2008
Annabelle Craven Jones From a question on leaving, 2007
Stephen Dunne Schizo Epiphanies, 2009
Nicole Miller The Conductor, 2008
Jos Richardson/Tom Lovell Voice/Off, 2008
Mark Titchner Ivy met Mike, 2007

Titchner Residency

A few images from my film Schizo Epiphanies....15 mins of schizo mayhem, dvd endlessly looped, 2009.

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